Russian Foreign Ministry asserted that the recent Russian-US conditional ceasefire agreement in Syria should be made public to avoid wrong interpretations of its content.


“All colleagues and partners in the international community, including members of the UN Security Council, should be able to familiarize themselves with this document and its preceding agreements, a source at the ministry told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.


The source added, “Of course, we would be interested in the documents’ publication to avoid omissions and opportunities to misinterpret what is laid down into these texts.”


On another context, the source stated that “the fight against ISIL was never a subject to any agreements with the United States. The discussion in recent months was on separating groups which consider themselves moderate from the ones that represent recognized terrorist group.”


According to the source, there are no disputes between Russia and the United States on anti-ISIL efforts, but “there have always been big problems with separating ‘moderates’ from al-Nusra Front.”


Al Manar