Astonishing statistics revealed that only 1 in every 10,000 refugees who arrived during the massive migrant influx last year are now employed.


German job center


German firms have defended themselves after Angela Merkel blamed them for not hiring enough refugees.


The German leader unleashed a scathing criticism of local businesses – but company leaders claim refugees “are just not ready” for the job market. 


German companies have hired less than 100 refugees despite the arrival of more than a million into the country last year.


Mrs Merkel is currently fighting for her political career after her open-door policy provoked a humiliating political backlash in regional elections two weeks ago.


She summoned the bosses of Germany’s biggest companies to Berlin to explain their lack of action as she tried to deflect blame onto them. 


A survey by Reuters of the 30 companies in Germany’s DAX stock market index found just 63 refugee hires in total.


Of those 63 hires, 50 are employed by Deutsche Post DHL, who have been praised for their “pragmatic approach” after employing refugees to sort and deliver letters and parcels.


But during yesterday’s meeting, businesses pointed to the uncertainty about the migrants’ permission to stay in the country.


They claimed that refugees lacked German-language skills and proof of qualifications.