Odessa is not Ukrainian city but is temporarily occupied territory.




This statement was made on the air of Odessa TV channel “Dumskaya” by the editor of the Russian newspaper “Vzglyad”, former deputy of the Odessa City Council and one of the leaders of the local Anti-Maidan Alexander Vasilyev.


“I sincerely believe so. Odessa is the territory temporarily occupied by Ukraine”, said social activist when asked whether Odessa could be considered as Ukrainian city.


In addition Vasilyev, said he has no plans to return to Odessa under present political regime, and called the participants of the so-called pro-Ukrainian rallies “militants”.


“Those thousands of people who came to the House of Trade Unions, I do not know whether or not they were residents of Odessa, certainly were the militants, because they have destroyed the camp on the Kulikovo field, put it to the torch”, said Vasilyev.


The broadcast was dedicated to the notorious “Moscow track” in the events of spring 2014 in Odessa. Vasilyev’s opponent was the leader of the Odessa branch of “Right Sector” Sergei Sternenko.