Over 100 Russian Companies took part in a Russian-Greek business Forum over last weekend, many mutual business relations between the 2 countries are set on the agenda.


Gazprom’s presence is already felt in Greece as the company’s subsidiary, Gazpromexport, holds a 50% stake in a joint Russian-Greek venture with Prometheus Gas, the Greek company, Copelouzos Group, holds the other 50% stake. Now Gazprom is looking at additional energy projects in Greece.


«We are talking about a lignite deposit. Gazprom and the Greek company Prometheus Gas, a joint venture, are ready to implement a joint investment project on developing the lignite deposit,» Alexander Novak told reporters following the forum.


Gazprom is interested in exploring opportunities for working on energy projects in Greece, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said at the Greek-Russian business forum.


«There are interesting energy projects inside Greece. Gazprom is involved in negotiations relating to several assets, I wish it success,» Dvorkovich told reporters.