The Council of the European Union is planning to again consider visa-free travel for Ukraine at a meeting in Luxembourg on October 13-14. However, there are still many problems preventing this problem from being solved, a diplomatic source in the one the EU member-countries told TASS on Monday.




“The issue of a visa-free regime for Ukraine as well as for Georgia, Kosovo and Turkey will be raised at the meeting of interior ministers in Luxembourg on October 13-14. Alas, many problems remain as far as Ukraine is concerned,” he said.


He expressed doubt that the problem can be solved at the meeting in Luxembourg.


“I do not expect any practical decisions to be made in October,” the diplomat said. “The EU is currently developing a mechanism for freezing the visa-free regime in the event of abuse on the part of third countries. I think it will be possible to conclude new visa-free travel agreements only after it comes into effect.”


The diplomat mentioned “slow progress in the fight against corruption” and “rapid growth of violations of the EU immigration and labor legislation by Ukrainian citizens” registered over the past two years among the problems preventing the solution ot this problem.