Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev expressed confidence that the recent series of terrorist attacks in Europe are a consequence of ill-considered migration policy, and stressed that the example of Europe must warn Russia of missteps in this area.




“In Europe, unfortunately, terrible terrorist attacks occur. Just horrific events, and all because of the ill-considered migration policy”, he said in an interview on Saturday.


“I believe that, firstly, it is a lesson for Europe itself, – stressed the head of government.- They have to take some extraordinary solutions to maintain their unity”.


He noted that “we are interested in this (European unity)”, as Europe “is still our largest partner”.


“Secondly, this is a lesson for us (…). An example of Europe is what exactly must warn us against hasty decisions, – the Prime Minister said.- We need to keep all the gains of the last period, namely from the point of view of peace, civil peace , international relations, interfaith relations. This is an extremely important task for the government”.


Medvedev admitted that he had “sophisticated feeling of what is happening in Europe”. “Moreover, I humanly very sorry for many of the inhabitants of a united Europe (…). When opening all the locks, even for people who are in difficult situations, it seems to me, that the Europeans had first to think about the protection of the interests of their citizens. In every state and in a united Europe in general”, he stressed.


Prime Minister drew attention to the fact that as a result of “absolutely ill-conceived” migration policy “millions of people have come to Europe, carriers of a completely different culture”. “I’m not talking about the extremists and terrorists, who have also arrived there. They, in fact, changed the European landscape. Europe has become restless”, Medvedev said.