The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s diesel-electric submarine The Novorossiysk has launched a cruise missile in the course of the Caucasus-2016 exercise in southern Russia, the radio announcer said at the proving ground.




“On your monitors you can see the launch of a cruise missile from the submarine of the “Northern” force at the naval group of its hypothetical opponent. The target was hit,” the announcer said.


Also, the air defense system S-400 Triumf hit training targets simulating aircraft of the “Southern” force. 


The coastal batteries of the missile complexes Bal and Bastion have taken positions. Coastal radars Monolit and Mineral have identified the enemy’s surface forces and provided target-setting data for a missile attack against enemy ships 320 kilometers away.


“On the monitors one can see the launches of cruise missiles from the missile complexes Bal and Bastion, carried out the day before, on September 8. The surface targets were eliminated,” the announcer said.


Orlan and Forpost drones, which displayed their excellent qualities in Syria, are being used for air reconnaissance and setting targets for combat aircraft.


“In the region there has been created a self-sufficient military group capable of repelling attempts at seizing the peninsula,” the announcer said.