Another humanitarian aid convoy has arrived in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo. The Russian servicemen from the Center for Reconciliation of the warring parties have brought three tonnes of food for refugees from the eastern districts of the city where fierce fighting with terrorist groups continues.


humanitarian aid


“Canned meat, fish and cereals. We would like to note that people believe in our support and continue to leave (the city) via the humanitarian corridors,” the center’s spokesman, Amir Demlikamov, has told reporters.


Part of food will be given to the families of Syrian soldiers who died in the battle of Aleppo.


The city’s residents say they are grateful to Russia for both humanitarian and military aid.


“I want to thank Russia for supporting the Syrian people during these difficult years. Russian pilots are fighting terrorists so that long-awaited peace comes to our country. What is more, they help us with food. I think Russia is a truly friendly country for us, and it sincerely wants to protect us,” local resident Safikha Khamid told reporters.


Last week the Russian military delivered six tonnes of humanitarian cargo for orphaned children of the besieged city.