The Syrian warplanes, in several rounds of combat flights, targeted and destroyed a number of fuel tankers of the ISIL on a road between al-Khashabiyeh and al-Fasedeh.


ISIS oil tankers


ISIL’s positions in the Southern side of Palmyra, al-Sukhnah and Eastern side of Qasr al-Halabat were also bombed in the air raid.


On Wednesday, the ISIL terrorists sustained heavy losses and casualties in an offensive by the Syrian army in the surrounding areas of the village of Howeisis and Palmyra (Tadmur) silos in the Eastern part of Homs province.


Scores of terrorists were killed and wounded, including non-Syrian and foreign militants, in al-Bareda and Syriatel hilltop in Eastern Homs.


Several ISIL military vehicles were also destroyed in the Syrian army attack as many terrorists fled the battle scene.