First Lady of Syria, Asma al-Assad, speaking at a graduation ceremony at the local school, said that the most talented and successful in school can go to Russia and get education there on a scholarship basis. Among “the most talented and successful” – son of President Hafez Bashar al-Assad, an A student and winner of Mathematical Olympiad in Malaysia.


al-Assad family


Asma al-Assad said that 10 years ago, the Syrian delegation came to Moscow and got acquainted with the experience of Russia in the development of young talent support programs. Since then, the countries cooperate in this field.


“We visited the center, which oversees the program”, told the first lady. Since then, our colleagues from Russia are cooperating with us to promote such programs in our country, for which we thank them. They sent their experts, who have helped to improve the standards and conducted staff training. Therefore, these scholarship programs are just a continuation of the existing bilateral Russian-Syrian cooperation. 


The president’s wife emphasized that graduates should represent Syria in Russia as “a civilized country with an open desire for knowledge and science”.