MP from the “opposition bloc” Alexander Dolzhenkov said that the position of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Donbass drives “a dead end” to the solution of the conflict. The lawmaker believes that the Parliament should vote in favor of the special status of Donbass and amnesty without preconditions to resume control on the border.




According to Dolzhenkov, President’s attempts to gain control of the border without changing the Constitution does not give the prospects for establishing a peace dialogue with the representatives of the Donbass and do not comply with the Minsk agreements. People’s Deputy also urged to abandon the policy of “double standards” in the settlement of the situation in the Donbass.


“For some reason, taking an amnesty for a certain category of citizens, we do not accept the Law of Ukraine on amnesty of other categories of citizens This is not the implementation of the Minsk agreements”, said the MP.


“The President said it’s necessary to make alterations to the Constitution, which provide a special status of Donbass. And this is set in the Minsk agreements. But the President has also said that voting for any changes to the Constitution won’t be hold (it was announced officially) until the running of conditions on the resumption of border control. I mean, we do drive ourselves into a dead end: without solving the issue of the Donbass, the border issue won’t be resolved as well. Thereby leaving to that position, this issue will be generally postponed “indefinitely”. So, unfortunately, based on speeches of Mr. Poroshenko, I did not feel any prospect of establishing a peace dialogue with representatives of Donbass”, said the MP.


Dolzhenkov believes that such policy methods divide the Ukrainian nation.