The terrorists’ arms depot and bomb-making workshop were destroyed in the Syrian air raids in the town of al-Tamanna in the Southern part of Idlib province.   


Syrian jet


Meantime, 10 armored vehicles of the terrorists were also destroyed in the airstrikes by the Syrian fighter jets in the towns of Abu Zohour and Binnesh.


In a relevant development on Thursday, the Syrian warplanes targeted the positions and gathering centers of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in the Western and Northwestern parts of Idlib province.


The air force launched heavy airstrikes against the terrorists’ strongholds in the villages of al-Janoudiyeh, Armanaz and Binnesh.


Three positions and a number of vehicles, some equipped with machine guns, were destroyed and tens of terrorists were killed and wounded as a result of the operations.


The airstrikes against the terrorists were launched as the new wave of terrorists’ rocket attacks left at least three civilians dead, among them a child, and tens of others wounded after over 200 shells were fired at the two besieged towns of Fuaa and Kefraya in Idlib province as the international community continues to keep mum about the crime.