Unknown vandals have damaged several graves of Soviet soldiers at a memorial cemetery in the Polish city of Poznan, the Polish cultural center in Russia’s Kaliningrad said.


“Representatives of the Polish cultural center in Kaliningrad during a visit to the cemetery of Soviet soldiers in Poznan, in Fort Winiary, commonly referred to as Park Cytadela, recorded a number of destroyed graves with traces of devastation. Several tombstones have been turned upside down,” the cultural center said in a statement on Monday.


The unknown have also damaged a number of commemorative plaques, as well as funeral photos of the buried soldiers, according to the statement.


The cultural center recalled that almost 6,000 Soviet soldiers were buried at the affected cemetery. The site also host multiple monuments and sculptures.


The Park Cytadela it is a historical monument, the city park, which hosts a military museum, military cemeteries, and the remains of some of the fortifications. The soldiers and prisoners-of-war of both WWI and WWII were buried there. There are Polish and Soviet cemeteries on the slope.