Donald Trump is closing up to Hillary Clinton in  the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll survey released on Friday.




The survey took place across the 50 states and shows a 40%-to-39% lead for Trump over the last week of August. However, Clinton is still likely to win more electors by a wide margin (332 to 206).


The surge in Trump’s vote is attributed to wider support among traditional Republican voters, 78% of whom are likely to vote for him.


Polling aggregators show that Clinton’s lead is shrinking by 3-6%. 57% of respondents had an unfavourable view of Clinton against 54% who had an unfavourable view for Donald Trump.


Trump has reshuffled his campaign leadership in an attempt to broaden his appeal to minorities, including African Americans and Latino. However, his message remains focused on key campaign messages including anti-immigration rhetoric.


The Reuters/Ipsos survey suggests 20% of Americans could be opting for a third candidate in November’s elections or abstains from voting altogether. That is 6-to-7% higher than in 2012