He announced the stance in a speech in the northern town of Le Touquet, the same place where, as interior minister, he signed the Touquet agreement allowing British officials to check passports in France and vice-versa in 2003.




Sarkozy said France could not cope with the 9,000 migrants living in the nicknamed ‘Jungle’ in Calais, as they attempt to access Britain.


He called for the opening of a centre in England to process migrant requests from Calais, saying British and French police and customs teams could do preliminary checks in France to speed up the asylum application process.


That team would then decide whether their case should be dealt with in the UK. 


The Presidential nominee for the right-wing Les Republicains party has claimed that, if elected, he will travel to London the day after the election to fight for a new agreement. His opponent Alain Jupée is also in favour of scrapping the agreement.