A new meeting of the Normandy Four countries’ leaders (France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine), devoted to settlement of the conflict in Ukraine’s east, may take place within weeks, France’s President Francois Hollande wrote on Facebook on Monday.


He said, France still adheres to the Normandy Format as far as the Ukrainian crisis is concerned.


“In Ukraine, we should continue the Minsk process, settlement the blocking moments there, including those related to the special status introduction, to the situation around security and a lack of trust between the parties,” the French president wrote. “We have agreed to organize within coming weeks a summit featuring Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine.”


The French leader made this statement after the G20 summit in China. “The G20 topic is the economic growth and global trade, but if we do not settle conflicts in the world and their consequences, the global economy will be affected by this result,” he said. “I presented this message to Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, – during our meeting I also stressed it is important to do everything to find political solutions both in Ukraine and in Syria.”