Ukranian soldiers are turning their backs on modern weapons in favour of antiquated boys’ toys, a recent video shows.


Instead of relying on high-tech mortars or guided missiles, the Ukrainian squad on the disputed border with Russia was filmed using a giant DIY catapult to hurl grenades at the enemy.


But some experts remain sceptical, believing the act may have been staged.


Returning to the dawn of weapons technology to take on their opponents the catapult – made out of a forked tree trunk, strong elastic and a leather pouch – was filmed in action on the front line in the village of Marinka.


In the footage the intrigued cameraman can be heard asking: ‘What are you going to do? Launch the grenade with this catapult?’


Two soldiers are then seen setting the catapult, stretching it back, pulling the pin and sending the grenade flying through the air towards the Russian front-line.


After hearing the sound of an explosion, one of the soldiers gesticulates and shouts: ‘F**k you, Russia!’


Some experts say the attack was staged to mock Russian military leaders, who are always bragging about their latest weapons in the media.


But Ukrainian activist Aleksey Mochanov – who raises funds to help supply fighters – praised the tree weapon saying: ‘This weapon has a big plus – no-one is able to track it down.’