Russia’s President Vladimir Putin expressed regrets that bilateral relations between Russia and the U.S. have been experiencing a freeze.




“Unfortunately, our relations have gone into a freeze,” he told the Eastern Economic Forum on Sept. 3. “I believe, this is not our fault.”


Putin spoke about the period of the 1990s, when Russia began democratic social and market reforms.


“Clearly, at that time we laid the cornerstone for developing democracy and a market economy,” he explained.


“Despite all the problems and difficulties, I believe that that generation of lawmakers still managed to accomplish the undertaking. And we, of course, hoped that openness would bring about a similar response from our counterparts. However, this did not happen.” he stated.


“They looked into their crystal ball of national interests and made their own decisions. So, how did they see it? Well, since the Soviet Union collapsed, it is now time to squeeze Russia.”


Putin also spoke about the West’s support of separatists in the North Caucasus in the hope of bending the will of Russian leaders.


“Security should be global, and only then can it be reliable,” said Putin.