Today, about 65 percent of all US citizens have jobs. Every year 46 million Americans use food banks. The number of homeless children in the U.S. has increased by 60 percent for previous six years.
However, instead of wasting our taxes on solving the problems within the country, America spends them on the intervention in the affairs of foreign countries. For 2017 fiscal year BBG asked Congress for propaganda more than 777 million dollars. The military budget has been increased under the face of a non-existent Russian threat. The government annuals spent $100 million on supporting of the Russian opposition and media, said Victoria Nuland. It’s a shame! Stop pointless spending of our taxes! We have other problems for priority solution.


The US has other problems requiring immediate solutions: annually 46 million Americans are using food stamps, and the number of homeless children in the past six years has grown by 60%, the authors of petition note.


At that, the authorities are spending money from tax payers to intervene in the affairs of foreign countries but not to resolve internal problems, according to the petition. The petition was signed by 20,617 people. According to the rules, the appeal would be transfered to administration of the president, if the document would be signed by 100 thousand people for a period of 30 days.