The staff of the Bureau of prisons was detained September 1, employees of the Embassy of Ukraine during his visit to the prison «Rimonim». The website «Mako» reported that during the search of the briefcase was discovered 200-gram pack of white powder similar to heroin.




The report noted that after interrogation, the police officer of the Embassy of Ukraine was released from custody, because he has a diplomatic passport and enjoyed diplomatic immunity.


It is known that the diplomat was visiting in the «Rimonim» a citizen of Ukraine, was sentenced to two years and five months in prison for theft and robbery in Israel.


The details of this scandal and comments Ukrainian diplomats publish on the website ForumDaily journalist Shimon Briman. In a publication called the name of the diplomat who was arrested while visiting jail «Rimonim». The Consul of Ukraine in Israel, Anatoly Pisarevsky.


«During the inspection, a sweat suit, brought by a diplomat at the prisoner’s request, were found white powder hidden in the seams. However, some Israeli sites have erroneously reported that the powder found on the body of a Ukrainian diplomat.» The powder at this point is unknown,» – says the publication ForumDaily.


Note that the website Mako writes about 200 grams of white powder. This amount of powder is hard to hide in the seams of the tracksuit.


ForumDaily got exclusive comments from the Ukrainian Ambassador in Israel Gennady, Nadolenko and from the Consul Anatoly pisarevskogo.


Ambassador Nadolenko said: «This is a complete set up (against) our Consul. He visited the Ukrainian prisoner – and his consular duty. Asked him to hand over the duffle. But it turned out that the costume was sewn some powder. Consul actually used blindly. I think he should have been more careful».


Consul Anatoly Pisarevsky said ForumDaily about the circumstances of the incident: «it is Foolish to believe that the Consul will carry drugs into the lair of the police, knowing that all things are checked at the entrance. Things for the prisoner gave me one of his friends, whom I had seen just a few minutes. Transfer of items by the Consul it is permitted. Especially because the prisoner has no family here… the Israeli police was ready before my arrival. There were five of them (at the entrance), and they immediately began to carefully probe brought things – a sports suit and a towel. Apparently, they had previously listened to his conversations. Then I was shown the powder in plastic strips, found in the seams of sportkostumah».


Things meant for serving the term of Alex T., born in 1971, who is a citizen of both countries – Ukraine and Israel, and has health problems. A prisoner serving a sentence of 2 years and 5 months for theft and burglary. This is his sixth stints in Israeli prisons, says ForumDaily.


Pysarevskyi said: «it is Important that the Israeli side has made an objective and thorough investigation. I am ready to give any explanations and testimony, to help the Israeli police».


The composition was found white powder turns out – and will be known only by Sunday 4 September.