Chief Editor of IN4S Portal and leader of the movement “No to War – No to NATO” from Podgorica Gojko Raicevic in an interview with the news agency News Front. 


According to Gojko, who for the past 8 years, constantly monitoring the situation in the country, there is a disparity in Montenegro. On the one hand, there are the people who are in majority against joining NATO, and have warm feelings towards Russia. On the other, there is a parliament, where after a fraudulent election campaigns and stolen elections people’s will is not represented.


I’m not optimistic about the possibility that the picture in the parliament would change, although I hope that it would happen. But the percentage of people who are in favor of NATO is not comparable with the figures of two or three years ago.


I have serious doubts that the figure could reach 40% and even cross this mark. The current data says about 35-38%.


Also, the issue about the upcoming elections in Montenegro as well as anti-Russian sanctions, which were imposed by the Montenegrin authorities, had been discussed. According to Gojko, it is widely believed that Russia could take harsh measures against this unfriendly step.