It’s unlikely that a new Cold War could begin as there are no prerequisites for this, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the students of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations on Thursday.




“Of course, it is very difficult to compare these two situations (50 years ago and today), they are in stark contrast to each other. I don’t see any prerequisites for the new edition of the Cold War to become a reality,” Lavrov said.


In contrast to the era of ideological differences, Russia and the United States have common principles that both countries share as part of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and the United Nations.


“They envisage a democratic development of societies,” Lavrov said.


Russia not to return to former relations with US, EU, NATO

The minister said Russia’s Western partners have frequently violated their obligations in the sphere of security, therefore business as usual with the EU, US and NATO is now impossible.


“Political commitments (on European security) have been grossly violated and continue to be violated, and our proposals to translate these commitments from political declarations into the category of legally binding ones have been rejected outright”, he said.


“I hope that our partners remember this. But if they have forgotten, we will, of course, remind them, because we’ll not be able now to conduct business as usual either with the US or EU, let alone NATO,” Lavrov said.


According to Lavrov, Moscow is prepared to restore relations with the European Union and the United States, but on the basis of equality only.


“We are not going to turn away from anyone. We are ready to restore normal, full-fledged relations with the EU and the US, but only on the basis of equality, without any attempts to transform these relations into a one-way traffic,” he said.