France’s far-right leader has backed Donald Trump for president and warned Hillary Clinton ‘means war, devastation and destabilizing the world’.

Le Pen


Marine Le Pen, 48, compared herself to the billionaire Republican candidate saying they were ‘not insiders’ and said his Democratic rival would cause ‘global conflicts’.


In recent months Le Pen has adopted a more moderate stance than Trump – going so far as to drop her surname from her election website.


In an interview with CNN she said: ‘As far as France’s best interest is concerned it’s “everything but Hillary Clinton”‘.


‘It’s everything but Hillary Clinton because I believe Hillary Clinton means war, Hillary Clinton means devastation, destabilising the world, economic choices that would be devastating for my people, geostrategic choices that would lead to global conflicts.’ 


She said she and Trump were both ‘anti-system’ and ‘not insiders’ – unlike the former Secretary of State.


‘What we have in common is that we’re not insiders, we are not taking part in the ‘system’, we depend on no one and do not take our orders from any financial institutions’, she added. 


In a previous interview she said Clinton would continue a ‘destructive policy, a policy of conflict, a policy of imprisonment in Europe in blinded Atlanticism’.