The situation in Kosovo parliament today is extremely restless. The Parliament of the self-proclaimed “republic” in a few hours will begin to vote on the demarcation of the border with Montenegro, which caused dissatisfaction among the opposition parties and nationalist circles of the Albanian population. 


In Pristina and other big cities are holding massive protests demanding to vote against the agreement because, as the opponents of the document believe, Montenegro will depart a few square kilometers of disputed territory.


Previously, “the Albanian People’s Army” (a fragment of “Kosovo Liberation Army” terrorist organization) released a video in which were threatening Montenegro with a war in the case of ratification of the agreement. Today, Montenegrin media have reported about the night shooting incident on the border.


If the decision on the demarcation will be accepted, the consequences are unpredictable.


The demarcation of the Kosovo-Montenegro border is one of the requirements for membership of Montenegro in NATO, which is in full swing, despite the mass protests of citizens. At the same time the very recognition of the independence of “Kosovo” by the official Podgorica, which led to the escalation of the current situation in the region is one of the key reasons for the discontent of Montenegrins with the foreign policy of the authorities.