Opinion polls this week showed Trump still trailing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but narrowing the gap.


Donald Trump


“Remember: the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln – not bad,” Trump said in a speech on Tuesday night. “It is the Democratic Party that is the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow [the century long policy of racial segregation, discrimination and race hatred across the US South], the party of oppression.”


Trump said the Republican Party had to build on the heritage of Lincoln, who freed the African–American slave population in the US Civil War 150 years ago and give African-Americans and other racial minorities the opportunities they had been denied for so long.


“I will not accept a future in which children of any color in this country are not fully included in the American Dream… We want to give everyone a chance to contribute their full talents to our economy and our country… Nothing makes me more honored and proud than to be the nominee of Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party”.