On Sunday, Polish authorities reintered the bodies of the two people, who opposed country’s socialist government, and were executed in 1946 in the city of Gdansk. During the ceremony Polish President Andrzej Duda delivered a political speech, which had also criticized the socialist government in Poland.


Lech Walesa


Walesa, who visited the catholic church to participate in the act of worship protested against Duda’s move and walked out.


“If someone leads to the civil war, then the second side will follow suit… I have warned about the possible civil war from the very beginning and if these people continue to behave themselves in such a reckless manner, than we will inevitably move in this direction,” Walesa told the Polish TVN24 news channel on Tuesday.


He added that if he made the move similar to the one of Duda during his own tenure, this would have definitely resulted in the civil war.


Walesa was elected president of Poland in 1990 and oversaw its transformation into a post-Communist state.