The European Parliament’s rapporteur on Turkey said the European Union will next week send observers to Turkey to inspect the country’s prisons.


Protest for leader of PKK Abdullah Ocalan's prison conditions


Kati Piri, a MEP from the Dutch Labour party, told Dutch public radio Friday that members of The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, that is part of the Council of Europe, will be allowed to enter Turkey’s prisons and review conditions.


There have been media reporters of mistreatment in Turkish prisons following a failed coup on July 15.


Turkey is a member of the Council of Europe and is obliged to cooperate with inspections.


A total of 40,029 people have been detained in investigations following the coup, and 20,355 of them formally arrested, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said according to Reuters.


Piri, who visited Turkey last week, said that she is concerned with the number of detentions.


“It seems like people are being treated as terrorists, but their legal cases have not even started yet,” she said. “This will be a test for Turkish democracy.”