Stern, a German magazine, reported that a group of German activists has created a petition demanding the secession of Saxony from the Federal Republic of Germany and its accession to the Russian Federation. The petition, created two weeks ago by an organization called Pro Putin Partei (pro-Putin party), is available on the websites and and has already gained 603 votes.


Migrant and thier children walk in front of buildings in a refugee camp in Hameln


“We are constantly witnessing the fact that the dictatorship of the EU will stop at nothing! That is why the forthcoming ban on free speech and the prohibition of demonstrations will not being taken from us. Soon we will live under a dictatorship!,” the text description of the petition reads.


As the newspaper reports, René Reimann is behind the petition. He has previously made statements requesting that Russia, “on behalf of German citizens and companies, provide territory for the creation of a German state,” and called to sign a “non-aggression pact with Russia.”


“The noose of a police state, as well as of the EU dictatorship, is tightening slowly but surely; and the future of Germany is threatened because of its membership in the EU and NATO. We do not want to become a spearhead against Russia. So let’s build our future in accordance with reasonable German-Russian interests,” it further stated.


The author of the petition, as Stern adds, also wrote that it “would become an eyesore for the German political system”.