But – said the leader of the opposition SRS party and member of the Serbian National Assembly, who was earlier this year acquitted of all charges brought against him by the Hague Tribunal – he “does not care if they do.”




Seselj added that it was proved in The Hague-based tribunal that he was not guilty of those crimes committed in Croatia, for which he stood accused.


“That they (Croatian authorities) arrest me, hold me indefinitely, prepare a trial against me that will never start – all these things are possible, but, what do I care? Who’s the loser there? It’s the Croatian so-called state – not me,” he told reporters.


Asked whether “there may be an indictment against him in Croatia,” he replied that there was “a collective indictment” featuring him and (former JNA) generals Veljko Kadijevic, Blagoje Adzic, Aleksandar Vasiljevic.


But, he continued, this was an indictment “for all those things” he was also put on trial by the Hague Tribunal, concerning two locations in Eastern Slavonia – Vukovar and Ovcara, and Western Slavonia.


“Western Slavonia is out, the prosecution dropped it during the proceedings, Vukovar and Ovcara had remained, as the main ones. Therefore, there’s no possibility I could be put on trial for that, while it was proved in the Hague (Tribunal) I was not guilty of that, for 12 years they (the Tribunal) were looking, with Croatia’s great help – but found nothing,” Seselj said.


Speaking about Branimir Glavas – a Croatian official found guilty of war crimes against ethnic Serbs, who will now have a retrial – the SRS leader said he had “plenty of evidence” about his crimes – “and many others.”


“But there is no (evidence) when it comes to me. No matter how much they’d like there to be some. No matter how much some here, in Belgrade, would like it. But there’s none,” Seselj concluded.