The ruling of the Court of Arbitration for Sport on the Russian Paralympic team ban is cynical and immoral, President Vladimir Putin has said, adding that Russia will not accept accusations of doping without proof.




The president added that Russia will hold a Paralympic competition similar to the Rio 2016 Games for the athletes who have been banned.


The world is now witnessing how the principles of sport and the Olympics are being suppressed by politics, Putin said.


CAS on Tuesday rejected an appeal against a decision to bar all Russian athletes from the Rio Paralympic Games, set to take place September 7-18. The appeal had been filed by the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC).


Putin congratulated the Russian Olympic team with their performance at the Games. With Russia’s track and field athletes banned from these Olympics, the nation finished fourth in the standings behind the US, Great Britain and China. The country won 19 gold, 18 silver and 19 bronze medals.


“I’d like to thank all of you [Olympic team] for passing severe test with dignity. You have shown the highest mastership, displayed endurance, and confirmed the strong position of Russia in the world of sport,” Putin said.