The three countries have “almost the same position and outlook” Waszczykowski said. Poland, Romania and Turkey are the three largest countries on the eastern flank of NATO.




“There are many international problems. Both around Turkey and our countries: Poland and Romania. We wanted to know if we still have a common view and solution for all these issues,” Waszczykowski told a press conference following talks in the Turkish capital on Thursday.


“We believe that we should focus on the fight against terrorism and the Islamic State. Of course each of our countries is in some way taking part in this fight. We believe that the problems which are arising in the region and affecting some European countries – for example the refugee crisis – should be answered.”


Waszczykowski said that the answer “is the agreement that the EU concluded with Turkey”, adding that the Polish government “believes that these arrangements should come into force”.


In March, the European Union and Turkey decided to cooperate on ending irregular migration from Turkey to Europe.