“I do not see any perspective for solution of the migration crisis in Europe. I see how country after country, seized in panic, are saving themselves individually and everyone is finding certain article in the EU Treaty that allows them to do so because even the big countries in Europe are already exhausted and their societies start showing resistance.”




This is what Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said speaking at today’s sitting of the Council of Ministers, the press office of the Government announced.


“We observe all the thousands, and thousands, and thousands of restrictions we have in the EU, and every day we are spending huge resources on feeding, protecting, interviewing for a status every single registered migrant,” Mr Borisov commented further.


He added that the refugee centres in Bulgaria were full and the state should start thinking about the financing of new ones in case the migration flow got more intensive.


“In this situation Bulgaria should try to keep as much pragmatic and friendly relations with its neighbours as possible.


Serbia took out the army, they fenced the border, and there is no exit from Bulgaria. Unfortunately, things do not seem too good in Greece. So, we have to look for partnership with Turkey,” Boyko Borisov remarked.


He explained that “foiled attempts of entering the country” meant migrants returned to Turkey, adding that the number topped 26,000.