Weekly newspaper “2000” writes that after the Crimean incident Vladimir Putin didn’t mention neither “the President of Ukraine”, nor the name of Poroshenko but named “the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic”(without adjectives “self-proclaimed” as usually clarify Russian officials).




“As to the Ukrainian authorities it was stated that “the people who seized power in Kiev and continue to hold it” (such expression had been told twice by Putin), – writes newspaper. – Moscow made it clear that it doesn’t see legitimate power in Kiev. In fact, the Russian Federation has returned to the position that assumed for more than three months after Euromaidan victory”.


The publication notes the randomness of using such formulations by Putin and recalls that similar theses were used by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Yekaterinburg during a meeting with his German counterpart. 


Lavrov recalled signed in February 2014, in Kiev agreements on the peaceful settlement and the establishment of a national unity government, after which, however, Yanukovych was removed from power.


“If in the case of Yemen, we are still together, including our Western partners demanding the return of the legitimate president to power, in the case of Ukraine – the day after the signing of the agreement everyone have forgotten about it. There is something to talk about”, Lavrov said.


“It is unknown what he said about this during talks with Steinmeier, but the fact that neither during the speech nor during the press conference with German counterpart, the Russian minister did not use the words “President Poroshenko” and spoke only about “the Kiev authorities”, writes author of the publication.