Outspoken former Berlin finance senator Thilo Sarrazin demanded failed asylum seekers be thrown out of Germany “if necessary under military protection”. 


German politician Thilo Sarrazin has said migrants should be deported by the army


Mr Sarrazin, 71, demanded fundamental changes in the law to get rid of unwanted immigrants. 


He urged the status of migrants should be radically changed and branded the current system “a gateway to uncontrolled immigration”. 


He also said benefits and eligibility to file lawsuits in a bid to stay should only be applicable once migrants have received legal status. 


Mr Sarrazin added: “Before that, he must be legally considered as not having entered.”


Under the SPD politician’s plan rejected applicants would have “no legal status and therefore no opportunity for action before the German administrative courts”. 


He added: “All illegal immigrants as well as all refugees and asylum seekers, whose stay request was rejected, get deported immediately, categorically and without exception.” 


He suggested immigrants should be deported to the country of origin or the country of last residence, before they entered the EU.


Mr Sarrazin said: ”Should a country of origin deny the intake of the persons concerned [they] will nevertheless still be brought there categorically, if necessary under military protection.”


He continued that the “drive to Europe” would only subside “if the remotest African village knows that even a successful arrival in Germany will no longer result in the right to stay, if the conditions for political asylum are not met.” 


Only this way could “selective targeted immigration policies as wanted from the states due to economic or demographic reasons” be achieved.