All twenty migrants from Asian and African countries, who have been detained at the Slavonski Brod railway station, have asked for asylum in Croatia. They have been escorted to a shelter for asylum seekers, and the police is carrying out procedures to determine how they managed to enter the country, reports Večernji List on August 22, 2016.




Migrants were found at 1.30 pm on Sunday afternoon on a freight train which was travelling to Germany. According to unofficial information, they have boarded the train in Bulgaria. They were hidden in a wagon which was carrying technical goods. The railway dispatcher on duty heard the noise they were making and called the police which immediately responded and detained the immigrants. They were very exhausted, starving and with no water, and due to high temperatures in the wagon some of them even had burns on their bodies. They were provided with medical assistance at the Slavonski Brod hospital. The investigation will determine where they started their journey.


Several days ago, at the Tovarnik and Bajakovo border crossings, Serbian border police prevented attempts by six illegal migrants to cross from Serbia to Croatia in cargo areas of two trucks. Early in the morning, at the Tovarnik border crossing, three Afghan nationals were discovered in a Slovenian truck, hidden among plastic containers that the truck was transporting from Stara Pazova to Slovenia. It is assumed that they entered the cargo area while the truck was parked and that the driver did not know whom he was carrying. At the Bajakovo border crossing, three immigrants were found in a Turkish truck, also hidden among the goods.


Although the number of migrants on the so-called Balkan migrant route is substantially lower than last year, in recent weeks the pressure of migrants has been increasing. Countries on the route have been making preparations for a possible reopening of the migrant route from the Middle East towards Western Europe.