“Najdat Mansour al-Shamali, one of Ahrar al-Sham, and Mustafa Mohammad al-Hossein, the group’s religious judge were killed in joint operation of the Syrian army and air force in Talbiseh region,” the sources said.




“In the meantime, a field commander of Fatah al-Sham Muzid Abdel Sattar Othman and Abdel Rahman al-Obeid aka al-Hajwani, the leader of al-Ashtar terrorists were killed in clashes with the Syrian soldiers in al-Rastan,” they went on to say.  


Reports said earlier today that, Syrian military forces attacked a training camp of the militant groups in Northern Homs, inflicting major losses and casualties on the Takfiri terrorists.


The Syrian army troops’ offensive on the terrorist groups’ training camp claimed the lives of at least 27 militants, destroyed 8 vehicles and three rocket launching-pads in Talbiseh region near the villages of al-Ghanto, al-Ghasbiyeh and Tir Ma’ala.