News Front: Unfortunately, you have negative experience with the international peacekeepers. Now Ukraine wants the EU, NATO or the UN divisions to come to Donbass. Tell us about your experience, and what is the current situation in Kosovo? 


Dragana Trifkovic: As for Serbian experience with the international organizations, I can say that it is very negative. First of all, namely in Kosovo and Metohija, the OSCE was present from early 90s and participated in the preparation of the special operation “Racak”, which has become the reason for the bombing of Serbia.


After the bombing in 1999, from 2000 we have an increased presence of international organizations in Kosovo. Now there work UMNIK (UN), the KFOR (NATO) and EULEX – the EU structure. From the moment when the Serbian structures agreed with solution to the problem of Kosovo within the EU, not the United Nations. With confidence I can say from my own experience, as I was in Kosovo, and in Donbass, from the conversations with the people in Kosovo and Metohija, it was absolutely clear – the contribution of international organizations in Kosovo were in support of NATO, the NATO policy and the Albanian side, which promotes Western power; they have Western support, primarily of the United States, and therefore of NATO. 


All operations against the Serbs in the war and bombing, a key role was played by the Albanian factor and NATO, through which the United States was putting pressure on the Serbs. Unfortunately, I think that the bringing of an international forces would be bad for the population of Donbass. Their role would be the same as in Kosovo, they would infinitely support the Ukrainian side, the AFU, which in this war committed aggression against the population of Donbass.