In Rovno goes unprecedented proceedings with the plaintiff – 93-year-old KGB colonel Boris Steklyar involved in the operation of elimination of UPA militants.




The publication reports that Steklyar is trying to ban Ukrainian Banderists to get their private affairs from the archives of the Security Service. The request for access to his case file in the SBU had been sent six months ago by the so-called National Memory Institute, headed by Vladimir Vyatrovich, but Boris Steklyar is trying to protest it by appealing to the law on personal data protection.


Steklyar’s case is unprecedented in Ukraine. Only few of those who fought with Ukrainian nationalists in the 1940-1950-ies are still alive today. Besides Boris Steklyar is one of many KGB employees whose personal files have not been revised since the Soviet collapse. Historians tell that he was involved in a special NKVD operation, during which was killed OUN propagandist Neil Hasevich.


“At first, he was a member of one of the district departments, then worked at the central office of the KGB in the Rovno region. In 1940-1950-ies he has been one of the leading specialists in the fight against Ukrainian insurgents in Rovno region. He participated in special operations against Taras Bulba-Borovets and Neil Hasevich”, says nationalistic activist Igor Marchuk. 


It is clear that Steklyar’s personal file contains information about his activities, descriptive list and awards. In particular, in an interview with local media, he has repeatedly talked about the 8 military medals.