Aleppo has been mired in intense fighting during the past few weeks, with the Syrian army and local militia forces having managed to encircle large groups of militants in eastern districts of Aleppo.


Syria, Aleppo

“The humanitarian situation in Aleppo is really poor. I talk about eastern districts of the city, which have been captured by the so-called moderate opposition militants. The situation is much better in the areas, which are under control of the Syrian army. At the same time, people living there are constantly exposed to shelling and bombing from terrorists,” Malas told the Russian Izvestia newspaper in an interview published Thursday.


According to Malas, reports on hunger, lack of drinking water and medicines and obstacles for humanitarian convoys, allegedly put by the governmental troops, are “completely untrue.”


At the same time, Malas added that people living in the western districts of Aleppo also should be provided with humanitarian assistance.


Russia formed seven round-the-clock humanitarian corridors across Aleppo this month to allow safe passage for civilians and militants wishing to lay down arms.


On August 11, a three-hour humanitarian window with a total halt in hostilities opened in Aleppo, and would be in effect every day from 10 a.m. (7:00 GMT) until 1 p.m. (10:00 GMT) local time.