US Vice President Joe Biden has visited the Serbian capital of Belgrade. In addition to the president and prime minister, the American politician was met with activists of the Serbian Radical Party, who held a rally in front of the Presidential Administration. Demonstrators accused Biden of war crimes against Serbs, recalled that he was the one of the organizers of the NATOs bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, and expressed their support to the US presidential candidate Donald Trump.


“Joe Biden is a hater of Serbs. That was repeatedly shown in his statements. And while being in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo, he told the Albanian representatives to thank him as he was pushing forward the bombing of Yugoslavia”, commented a representative of the Serbian Radical Party Millan Damjanovic. 


According to him, Trump at least suggests what is suitable to the Serbs: their region would finally be “left alone”. 


Numerous participants have also accused Biden’s anti-Serb actions and utterances, spoke strongly against a possible Serbian accession to the EU and cooperation with NATO and the United States. The vast majority said that Serbia needs to have closer ties with Russia.


In front of the Presidential Administration has also spoke out the leader of the Serbian Radical Party Vojislav Seselj. 


“Biden was one of the main conspirators of the attack on Serbia, the murder of our children. And this criminal was honorably met. Biden supported the independence of Kosovo”, reminded Seselj.