The official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov advised the representatives of the US State Department to check the knowledge of international law. On August 17, he responded to the statements of the American side on fact of using Iranian airfield on striking terrorists in Syria.




“Normally we do not give advice to the leadership of the US State Department. However, it is difficult not to recommend to individual members of the State Department to check for logic and knowledge of the fundamental documents of international law”, Konashenkov told reporters during a briefing.

Also the Ministry of Defense “has once again advised the representatives of the State Department to work with pencils on contour maps and discover that Syria is a separate sovereign state”, he recalled.


In addition, Konashenkov offered to employees of the State Department to look “if there is at least one provision of the UN Charter, the Security Council resolution or the United States bilateral agreement with Syria allowing the bombing of its territory from aircrafts and attack drones of the US Air Force from the Turkish Incirlik air base or any other foreign air bases”.


“We are convinced that after the passing of exam by Mr. Michael Toner the elimination of ISIS terrorists and “Dzhebhat an-Nusra”(banned in Russia) in Syria by Russian aircrafts will no longer call his  “regrets”, summed Konashenkov.