A thousand Russian paratroops will participate in an exercise of the Collective Security Treaty Organization’s rapid reaction force in the Pskov Region, the deputy commander of Russia’s Airborne Troops for peace-keeping operations, General Aleksandr Vyaznikov, has told the media.




“An operation in the Western strategic direction to resolve an armed conflict is the theme of the exercise. Russia’s paratroops will be involved as an integral part of the rapid reaction force. Two units the 98th division and the 31st airborne assault brigade (one thousand troops all) will participate. They will be set tasks within a group alongside other units delegated by the CSTO countries,” he said.


Russian paratroops will be commissioned to show force, search for and eliminate terrorist groups, provide assistance to civilians and protect key government and military facilities.


“An airdrop will be carried out. Some units of the 98th division will be dropped by parachute and others delivered to the designated areas by helicopter. A total of 300 officers and men from the 31st brigade will be airlifted from Ulyanovsk to the area of the exercise in the Pskov Region, dropped by parachute and instantly address tasks on the ground,” Vyaznikov said.


The CSTO’s command-staff exercise Cooperation-2016 will be held in the Pskov Region on August 16-19.