As it has already been noted, racism in the United States has always been and remains one of the pressing issues. This conclusion is confirmed by the recent Gallup survey in the US. However, this time respondents were demand to asses the state of race relations at the end of Obama’s second term.




As follows from the results of the survey, Americans are far less positive today about what Barack Obama’s presidency means for the advancement of blacks in the US than they were shortly after his historic election. Regardless of how Americans feel about Obama and his policies, they believe black-white relations are much worse now than earlier in his presidency. But it is clear that the optimism Americans initially had for a black president’s ability to improve race relations and the situation for blacks has long since faded. There’s a growing number of those who are convinced that the first black president hasn’t just failed the expectations people in the US had, but aggravated the problems of the African Americans population.


Americans are the most armed in the world, for every 100 inhabitants there is an average of 89 weapons. Therefore, numerous armed groups across the country have been declaring their readiness to defend the communities to which they belong from any sort of discrimination.


Moreover, the recent Washington Post analysis showed that The number of fatal shootings by police officers increased from 465 in the first six months of last year to 491 for the same period this year. Other research suggests that a young African-American has three times the chance to become the victim of police violence than an average white kid.


It is, therefore, not surprising that those that have lost her faith in the president and the official authorities have been witnessing an increasing number of racial discrimination cases with the burning anger rising within them. Therefore, there’s an ever increasing number of violent groups, that are prepared to defend the black population of the US with arms in their hands.


The New Black Panthers Party (NBPP), the War on the Horizon, the Black Foot Soldier Network… You can find a lot of such groups on the Internet. . Their exact number and the capabilities are pretty difficult to assess, since behind each of such names lies a long story of struggle against racism. According to the Liberation, experts on extremist groups suggest the existence of at least 180 “black separatist” organizations across the US. This number indicates the existence of a number of local offices in every state, says the publication.


The New Black Panther Party was founded in Dallas in 1989 and calls itself the successor of the Black Panthers, an African-American revolutionary movement of 60s-70s, although the founders of the “Black Panthers” strongly disagree with this notion, calling the NBPP a racist group that abuses the name and symbols of the original movement. The activists NBPP aggressively opposes the white population and the police, demanding new laws to be drafted exclusively for the black population.


In recent years, we’ve witnessed the rapid growth of the Black Lives Matter movement, that is perhaps the biggest political movement in the US since mid 60s. Although this movement supports black transsexuals, lesbians, beggars and illegal migrants, it is increasingly being accused of inciting violence against the police and the white population. After the murder of eight police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Washington received numerous demands to put the Black Lives Matter movement on the list of radical racial groups and even recognize it as a “terrorist organization.”


As noted by various analysts, the two terms of the first black president in the US history resulted in the considerable deterioration of the security situation across the country. America has virtually been plunged in a veritable race war. This term was used by various analysts that were commenting the recent events in Dallas, where the members of the black community prepared and executed the killing of several white police officers. This was their retaliation for the police violence that the black population has suffered extensively recently.


No Western state has witnesses such a mayhem of racial violence, mistrust, accusations and massive demonstrations in a long while. However, it is not just a matter of violence, but the fact that African Americans are much poorer than the white population of the US that aggravates the situation. That’s why we’re witnessing the rise of crime, drugs, and all sorts of violence …


The situation in the US today is the black stain on the reputation of the Obama administration and the ruling elites. It’s clear that the Democratic Party is not interested in fighting racism, instead it prefers to use the existing racial unrest in its political games and it will continue to do so if Hillary Clinton becomes President on the upcoming presidential election.


Under these circumstances, it’s safe to state that Washington authorities are bound to take urgent steps on the national level to eliminate the existing mutual racial distrust and address the most pressing social problems.