The Russian Olympic team that endured a serious psychological test before coming to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, performs above their capabilities, President of the Russian Tennis Federation Shamil Tarpischev told journalists on Monday.




“We all remember what happened with the Russian team before the Olympics. Despite the upheavals of life, we are doomed to success. The worse it gets, the angrier we become, we unite. I am sure there will come a time when we become leaders in sport,” he said.


“Russia has already done more than it could in the given circumstances. My heart is breaking – not all athletes are here in Rio, moreover, the issue of Paralympic athletes is still open,” he added.


Before the beginning of the final week of the 2016 Olympic Games, the Russian team has 9 gold, 11 silver and 10 bronze medals and currently is in the fourth place in the unofficial team standing at the 2016 Summer Olympics.