German Chancellor Angela Merkel still doesn’t take into account fears and concerns of German citizens about immigrants, said the former head of the ruling German coalition party, and the former Prime Minister of Bavaria Edmund Stoiber in an interview with the weekly Spiegel.




“She is convinced she is right. Unfortunately, she still doesn’t take into account the feelings, fears and concerns of citizens”, said Stoiber, adding that currently, those “fears are great as ever”, and the famous Merkel’s phrase “We’ll handle this” (Wir schaffen das) “is not helpful as it does not contain anything specific”.


“The issue of refugees is high-emotional call, which causes existential concern… They see that there is still no real protection of borders, many thousands of refugees are still illegally located in our country, the state still does not have full control. They saw that not only in France and Belgium, but also in Ansbach and Wurzburg, the attacks occurred”, said Stoiber, adding that “uncontrolled migration means the problem of security”.


Famous German politician also said that Merkel’s line towards immigrants “is critically evaluated in many countries of Europe”.