International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, withdrew the charges against the deceased Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes during the Bosnian war, between 1992-95. However, the Western press is silent on this subject. The TV reporter, a well-known Italian politician, former MEP, journalist and publicist, Giulietto Chiesa was interviewed.




“Who knows about this? No one does. This was not told to any of our newspapers.


The sentence was handed down on the 24th of March this year, and it is already August. No formal statement was given regarding Milosevic, although the conclusion with respect to the other accused – Radovan Karadzic, who was sentenced to 40 years the decision of the same tribunal, has been given a statement.


It is already August, but none of the world’s media and news outlets have not noticed. And as you might have noticed, it has not been seen fit to inform the readers and viewers of the world, “- Chiesa stated.


“For those who understand this, who know what I mean, the news, which should make  all the Western leaders should apologize, and then, put them on the bench to be tried in court,” – he stressed.


Chiesa recalls some facts in the case of Milosevic, among which is the very mysterious deaths of Serbian politicians.


“The International Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia, had Milosevic declared guilty of all charges. And now, the tribunal stated that; “They do not have enough evidence that Milosevic was in favor of the scheme,” to exile Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats from the territory of Bosnia claimed by the Serbians. Numerous conclusions and evidence, that we read carefully, and upon referring to these documents, indicate the presence of significant differences in the positions of Milosevic and Karadzic. That Milosevic was against the decision of forming the Republic of Srpska.“ – Chiesa skillfully commented.


“This was confirmed, and repeated many times in the presence of the tribunal.


Milosevic, despite this,  spent 5 years in prison, with the outraged chorus of Western media, including Italian, and a description of how he is the “myasnnik Balkans”, some even comparing him to Hitler. Milosevic died in prison. His death occurred in prison under extremely mysterious circumstances. The cause was stated as a heart attack. But it happened two weeks after the court refused him permission to be treated in Russia. He died in his cell 3 days after his lawyer sent a letter from Milosevic to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, in which he said he feared being poisoned.”


“We have a lot of doubts in this matter, because of all that has happened, it has been organized and classified information “, – said the Italian politician.


Chiesa draws attention to the obvious fact that the court in The Hague serves western whims and has no want to search for truth and justice.


“And now it is clear that the so-called court, who are dishonest, to say the least,  who have worked and are working in the western empire, rather than finding truth and justice in a court of law. They all know this to be true. Because the judge who presided at the trial of Karadzic, was among the judges who were involved in the persecution of Milosevic. He was familiar with all the documents and details of both processes. His name is O-Gon, and he is from South Korea.


Ask yourself, who is paying his salary and his colleagues? A shame what happened!


The West is immersed in its own swamp. The West destroyed Yugoslavia. Also killed Milosevic. Accusing him of what he did not do and what he was not responsible for. “- indicates Giulietto Chiesa.


“Trust in the Western system of justice, trust in The Hague,  as in other western European capitals, supported the coup in Kiev”, – sarcastically concluded Chiesa.