As it’s been reported by Russian media sources, on the night of August 8 two Ukrainian special forces squads attempted to breach Russia’s national border in the Crimea. This operation was organized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense that used armored vehicles to provided fire support to its operatives. Two Russian soldiers were killed in the firefight that followed, but Russian border guards managed to capture seven Ukrainian special forces operatives alive. Those operatives have already given incriminating testimonies, saying that the goal of their operation was acts sabotage and terrorist attacks that were aimed at destabilizing the situation in the region during the pre-election period. To achieve this goal they were instructed to lay land mines on the Simferopol – Yalta highway to assassinate local elected officials that have been taking this road fairly often. The members of a Ukrainian special forces squad carried a heavy loadout of weapons and explosives along with them, media sources say.




Two days later, in his official statement Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced that Kiev would be better off seeking a peaceful solution to the situation in the Donbass region instead of trying to launch terrorist attacks in Russia.


This incident was preceded by an assassination attempt committed by a similar special ops group that tried to kill the head of the self-declared Luhansk People’s Republic, Igor Plotnitsky that barely survived the attack. Kiev has repeatedly used fascist elements to commit acts of diversion against the Crimean people, cutting off power lines and committing acts of diversions. Such groups have also been operating on the regular basis in the Donbass region, which results in heavy civilian casualties. These fact show that we’re not witnessing a standalone act of aggression, but a veritable state terrorism campaign that Ukraine has been using against Russia and the ethnic Russian population in the Donbass region.


According to Putin, both the EU and the US must take practical steps to talk some reason into the heads of Kiev authorities, since the sponsors of the sitting Ukrainian government are to decide whether they want Kiev to commit criminal acts of aggression or engage in a peaceful dialogue with the people of Donbass.


It’s hardly a secret that Ukraine has long become a center for illegal arms trade, while various terrorists groups from various region of the world have been finding safe heavens in this twisted state. This fact has been openly admitted by Reuters. The publication would claim that small weapons are being sold both on the territory controlled by people’s militia and the territory occupied by the Ukrainian security forces. The those guns are being smuggled to the North Caucasus, the Middle East and Europe. Illegal deliveries are being shipped through the port of Odessa, then to the Balkans and the North Caucasus. Similar reports have been published by the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger.


It is noteworthy that it was the United States that became the largest arms supplier to Ukraine, notes the UAWire, adding the military equipment shipped to Kiev was worth 117.5 million dollars. This information has been confirmed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. It should be noted that back in November, when Barack Obama signed the US defense budget for 2016, he allowed to ship up to 300 million dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine, if the administration deems it necessary. The list of possible deliveries included small weapons, munitions, drones, anti-tank weapons and mortars.


It’s been officially confirmed that 18 other states, most of which are NATO members, handed over 164.1 million dollars worth of weapons. Moreover, there’s reports that Washington used military contractors to ship even more weapons to Ukraine secretly, to avoid the criticism of those states that refused to send lethal weapons to Ukraine.


Ukraine’s strengthening ties with various terrorist groups, including the ISIS, hasn’t been much of a secret to anyone, since Ukrainian Security Service openly admitted at the end of last year that they were providing safe heaven for ISIS militants when they need rest, medical assistance or the documents to cross borders.


Looking at the mild and good natured Washington’s reaction to those events, one couldn’t help having the impression that the US decided to transform Ukraine in a sort of Afghanistan, while replacing the Al-Qaeda it officially supported back in the Cold War days with Nazi fighters. Therefore, Kiev is actively encouraged to embark on various state terrorism adventures that can possibly lead to the disastrous consequences. We all remember how well the support of the Al-Qaeda ended for Washington, with thousands of Americans dying in the 9/11 attacks. But the damage that the Ukrainian fascist state can inflict to Europe is yet to be witnessed, yet it’s unlikely that it would be any smaller than the damage that has already been done by the Al-Qaeda or ISIS, especially if we are to take into consideration that the dire economic situation in the country may push certain members of the local population to smuggle weapons or launch terrorist attacks for a fairly moderate financial reward.