Russian diplomats and military officials in negotiations with Turkish colleagues sought to close the Turkish-Syrian border to stop feeding terrorists in Syria, in Ankara are already considering this opportunity. 




“We, naturally, raised the question of the overlap of the Syrian-Turkish border to stop the flow of terrorists and weapons. So fighters have to lose any species feeding outside,” commented the Deputy head of the defense Committee of the state Duma Viktor Vodolatsky the paper work of the Russian-Turkish Commission.


According to him, this question is important because it is directly related to ensuring Russia’s national security. “From our side we can provide the Turkish side satellite images of the places through which the traffic of weapons and fighters”, — he added.


“The Turkish negotiators — as diplomats and military — virtually no room for manoeuvre. However, they, apparently, are configured to overcome contentious issues. But because our condition of overlapping the border with Syria, they will be forced to comply,” said a member of the international Committee of the Federation Council Igor Morozov.