The Italian edition of Imola Oggi considers the decision of the International Paralympic Committee to suspend the Russian team from the Paralympic Games in Rio as “shameful” and “inadequate”. Therefore, an Internet portal has launched a petition, which calls to return the right to Russians to participate in competitions. 




“The Western Cold war against Russia, which is often detrimental to Western countries themselves has many manifestations, some of which are really disgusting, as though sport should stay away from hatred, economic warfare and dirt in international politics”, the newspaper writes.


Imola Oggi says that the IPC’s decision is obviously political in nature, it is “totally inadequate” and the head of Committee Philip Craven showed “lack of professionalism”.


At the moment, Russia has appealed this decision to the Arbitration Court for Sport and expects its verdict. However, the head of the Russian Paralympic Committee noted that “common sense does not always prevail”.”His fears are more than justified, as even the sport is dominated by the interests of large corporations and politicians to the detriment of this spirit of competition”, says the publication.