Russia and Turkey created the basis for political dialogue on Syria on August 9, Turkish Ambassador to Russia, Umit Yardim, told a news conference on Thursday.


“The countries’ views cannot change overnight, even in a crisis situation,” he said when asked whether Ankara’s stance on Syria has changed. “However, on August 9, we created a platform for a political dialogue. The settlement in Aleppo and other issues should be resolved as soon as possible.”


“All the issues have been discussed, and we agreed to work,” the ambassador added. “We agreed to intensify our contacts on the issue.”


“Such meetings should be regular and are to begin as soon as possible, in the coming days,” he said.


“We have different viewpoints on a number of issues, but we are united in seeking to preserve Syria as a single state and a single political structure in Syria,” Yardim said.


Yardim noted that Moscow and Ankara have differences on the issue of the Syrian Kurdistan. “The positions of Russia and Turkey differ in this issue,” he said. “But we discussed these issues earlier and on August 9, and will continue discussing this later.”


The Russian and Turkish presidents held their first talks on Tuesday after the 8-month freeze in bilateral relations following the downing of a Russian Su-24 jet by the Turkish Air Force last November.